More Divas on their way as I decided to expand the series due to requests and the obsessive need to have a definitive collection. #ocdissues



Check out these fantastic illustrations of the Disney Princesses as Vogue cover divas! Made by talented artist Hayden Williams. You can check out his work


Our little apartment all decked out for Christmas…


I know it’s been a while, but progress is being made on The Diva Iconography project. Can you guys name the newly added ladies?

Diva Icon Preview

Get ready gays…

My next project is a series of stylized illustrations featuring the great divas – new and old. Stay tuned!


Last year’s Labor Day weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. My boyfriend Tom’s boss, who just happens to be Chief Design


Came across some awesome realistic interpretations of the Super Mario Bros series.


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Our first apartment came


When my boyfriend Tom and I decided to finally move in to our own place, we knew we had our set of challenges ahead. The


So, spent most of my night setting up this site. Finally got things in order. (I hope!) Bare with me. This is my first real blog.